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A World by the Vegan Society

My journey in to vegan lifestyle is absolutely amazing.  I know I have been a vegan only since 26th of may, but I do feel like I have been a vegan all my life. May be I never had the courage to admit it ti myself.

I have been looking into a lot of information regarding animal farming and planet pollution. Some of the fact are really disturbing and the images of animals in pain are horrific. I really never understood the horror movie industry, but watching the realities in animal factory farms gives me the shivers , every time I think about it.

I do not believe, that this kind of suffering is necessary. So I wasn’t able to close down all the factory farms and free all those animals. Becoming vegan became the most obvious choice.

I went vegan because I love life. Every living creature have the right to live for their own reasons. Animals are not here to serve humans any purpose. There are places, where people’s livelihood depends on animals, but when you have a choice you can make a difference.

To be vegan for me is a statement much bigger that any political or religious views. I do not believe in any of them , as I think that politics and religion are a forms of control. One can argue, that vegan-ism is similar, but I disagree completely. All conflicts and murders on this Planet have been and are happening because of religion and are driven by politics.

If the world was ruled by the vegan society there would be food for every child and water for every mother to clean his feet. There be no factory farms with rivers of blood and soil so polluted, you can’t even walk on it.There will be plenty of energy resources as no fuel will be used to produce beef or pork. The air will become incredibly clean even with all the cars still on it…..

But hey  , I know that for some people  eating meat is natural, I used to be like that. I even remember , even when I was a vegetarian, that to be vegan is an extreme. Now I think not to be a vegan is an extreme.

Every time you buy any animal related product you are sponsoring and supporting murder and helping that business to prosper. Yes I do like prosperity and productivity, but not at that price. Life is too precious , to be sold as a 99p sausage or a 50p milk. Milk is the liquid from a grieving abused and full with hormones and antibiotics cow. I wished I could comfort them all and remove those horrific pumps of them. I have breastfeed my 3 boys and used to use a pump as well . For the short minutes of using it it was OK, as I was given the milk to my own children.The cow has to give away her milk and be in pain then raped to have another one and so on.And once she gave birth to that baby calf she will never see it again…This has to stop. NOW.

Sending Blessings and LoveSending Blessings and Love ♥


P.S This is part 2-day 20-(after 91 days) of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 87 days left of 2012.

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