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Vegan cold spells and Cayenne pepper

As I am writing to you this late post all I can hear are little rain drops hitting the window. I had a long day as they say. Kids were brilliant in getting ready for school and all. When the came back home we had a nice smoothie and then we went out to get some extra storage solutions. Today was the first day in a very long time if ever when I felt cold.In the morning I really woke up feeling cold. This is such an unusual feeling to me. All my life I have been very comfortable and never really felt cold. In the first few hours I started to worry -is it my thyroid , is it my hemoglobin and so on. Then I just sat for a few moments and went over in fast rewind what I have eaten in the last few days-spinach, celery, kale,lots of hummus and beetroot, rice , tomatoes, even had some fried potatoes, lots of onions, turmeric, spirulina, maca powder, raw chocolate, thai curry, beans, cabbage  and so on. I am transforming my diet and starting to feel the effects from it. It feels good to lose weight, it feels good to have  an abundance of energy , it feels good to feel so clean on the inside , but to feel cold is not on that list.  I have read before, that when you change to a vegan diet you can experience cold spells which is your body essentially detoxing from all the animal products your body is getting rid of. In the meantime I can take care of it by taking some Cayenne pepper. It is really a powerful stuff.

I highly recommend it as it is an absolute pure plant power concentrated in it. CAYENNE PEPPER has been used in treatment for health conditions such as:-Angina – heart pains, Arthritis, Asthma, Atherosclerosis, Bleeding gums, Blood clots, Bowel diseases, bruises, cancer, colds, flu, heart failure, diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, duodenal ulcers, elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, fatigue, food poisoning, free radical activity, frost bite, frozen limbs, headaches, head congestion, heart arrhythmia, heart attack, heart disease, heatstroke, hemorrhaging, herpes zoster, hypertension, impotence, indigestion, influenza, itching, lumbago, motion sickness, mouth sores, multiple sclerosis, nerve inflammation, neuralgia, night blindness, obesity, pain, peptic ulcer, poor appetite, psoriasis, respiration disorders, shingles, stomach ulcers, toothache. Etc.It is the king of all spices and every kitchen should have some. Here is the one I use .See here 

I had it twice today and it really helped me. In the meantime I am enjoying the warm softness on my clothes and the extra blanket.

Sending Blessings and Love
P.S This is part 2-day 4 -(after 91 days) of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 110 days left of 2012.

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