willpower and a slice of cake
Becoming Vegan

Willpower and a slice of cake

I had a piece of cake last night and I can not stop thinking about it. It feels right not to eat animal produce, but I had a piece of cake made with eggs.I know there are a lot major things, that people do or do not do, but when I saw that fluffy sweet cake given to me by my birthday boy  I lost my will power. I was too lazy to bake one so I eat it and enjoyed it. The body wanted the sugar, now my mind is not happy.willpower and forgiveness

It was so easy to live the vegetarian lifestyle and give up meat . The transition to vegan diet and lifestyle seems more challenging. I know what to work on and I know my food weaknesses-it is not feta cheese, pizza or pancakes-its cake. I know how addictive sugar is, so may be that is something to do with it. I would like to explore the vegan baking possibilities and stop feeling guilty.

My other son Stellios will be a birthday boy in 18 days so this will be my chance to make a cake.

When I remind myself the reasons I want to live a vegan lifestyle I know in my heart , that this is my path. I know I can make a difference.There is plenty to eat without eating animal flesh or taking an animal’s milk, belonging to their little ones. I believe in the connectivity of all living  things and there is no need for an  unnecessary suffering and killing can be avoided. There are numerous studies, that have proven the connection between animal protein and diseases .

So today is a new day.And I am gonna continue to explore the vegan lifestyle and learn. So now is time for another bike ride. It is a lovely Sunday evening and I love to feel the wind in my face when cycling. Normally on Sunday I also like to share a music .This is a beautiful compilation by Edward and Maya called Violet Light! Enjoy!
Sending blessings and love
P.S This is day 35 of  Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 204 days left of 2012.

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