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World Vegan Day Recipe

I am sitting with my favourite comfort blanket around my shoulders. Its November already.Time to get your warmest clothes out. Time for many early nights  and lots of tea ;-).Time for comfort cooking and baking. The cold wind , that reminds of winter is here today and the rain  was quite cold , but its all part of the season. That is the thing, that we can only be sure of- after summer comes autumn and then winter.

Today 1st of November is the Worlds vegan day, which will be followed by the World Vegan Month.I vividly remember the turning point for me. It was one Sunday afternoon in May . It was one of those wet days where I am looking for my comfort blanket and a movie of some sort. So I watched this video.
During the video I decided , that I am going  vegan.No more feta cheese or butter biscuits, no more cinnamon swirls at the cafe, no traditional pizza .In that moment everything about veganism made so much sense to me, even if I have heard it before and I used to think, that vegans are extreme. Once I made the connection there is no turning back for me.

To me that meant to become a walking and talking expression of compassion and love towards the animals, the people, the environment, the planet.
Veganism is defined as a way of living, that excludes as far as possible and practical all forms of exploitation of and cruelty to animals for food , clothing or any other use. In dietary terms means a practice to exclude all animal produce including meat, fish, dairy and milk and their derivatives.

So for today’s world vegan day I cooked something simple , that  includes most of the things, that you expect to see on a vegan menu. I made a big bowl of an abundant vegan salad . The salad has in it:
cooked beetroot
green olives
steamed kale

I made a simple dressing olive oil, lemon juice , basil and salt and pepper . This is a really nice combination . It tastes really fresh and rich.Sending Blessings and Love ♥

Then I made some bean and leak fajitas, dressed with hummus and a little ketchup.
Its  easy to make . Just chop some leeks , and simmer in some sesame seed oil. Then add a green de seeded chilli pepper.  and a tin of beans.Add some paprika and Mexican spice mix if you have some. Then let it simmer for about 10 minutes on a low heat. That mix can be served on rice as well. I happened to have wraps -white and so tempting, so I thought I would have a little treat.

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