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How to have more peace in your life?-Re-invent yourself 1000 day challenge #17

One of the funny things about peace is, that you think you need it the most when you think you don’t have it. In most cases this is simply a matter of perception. In most cases your thoughts cause you to feel tense. The easiest way to stop it is to simply change your thoughts.

Ha ha -easier said than done. Can you imagine me in a school morning , getting everyone ready to school. the youngest boy wants me to put some peanut butter on his toast, the other boy is asking me if the swimming kit is ready and the oldest boy is asking me “Where is my recorder”? At the same time I am making their lunch boxes and making sure we have time to drive to school . The last thing I would feel like would be to say to myself “Relax , just change your thoughts….”  how to have more peace in your life

Over the years I have learned , that one of the most powerful ways to avoid going frantic is to simply shut up. It works every time and everyone gets ready faster as I have also learned, that my kids seem to hear my better when I don’t say anything , but i am simply there to encourage and support them. I have also realized, that my mental state really matter when it comes how the kids feel. They seem to be a mirror to me in most times. 

There are times in your life when all you want is peace. In order to get peace I have realized over the years, that I have to be peaceful. I have to be present and willing to be peaceful. It is quite magical to feel in control of your own peaceful state no matter what happens around it. The invisible presence of being peaceful with what is and how you feel opens up an amazing field of possibility for you. 

You can use this presence to be creative, to be active or simply to feel fully engaged in anything that you are doing. Today i decided to make a video about how to have more peace in your life. Please click on the play button to watch it.


 Being peaceful is when you realize, that you can only do so much at any given time. The powerful question to ask yourself is when you are really stuck is “What is the best use of my time now?” Once you answer that you can take the next step and feel peaceful and create a peaceful surroundings around you. 


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