Being a mother is a lot of work. You have to take care of kids and keep the house clean, it’s a full-time job. What’s more, if you want to be an entrepreneur? Both are so time-consuming that mompreneurs often have little time to themselves if they try to do it all. Mompreneurs have to be successful in business and raising kids. It’s tough. If you are one, I understand how time-consuming it is. Here are some major tips I found that are helpful when juggling everything:

Prepare for the week

Planning out your week is important. This lets you know what you have to do ahead of time. Whether it’s a weekly meeting or it’s a piano recital, it’s a good idea to know ahead of time. The saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” comes to mind. Here’s a list of things that is a good idea to prepare and how to go about it:

  • Food – Prepare this on Sunday so all you need to do is do the cooking at night
  • Clothes – Do the laundry every week because you don’t want the bathroom or your house to smell like dirty laundry. Also, you have to look professional on the weekday, so this is especially important!
  • Big Projects – If you have time, you may want to start on it early, because you’ll want to have a bit of leeway just in case something unexpected happens.

Planning and preparing are skills we as humans have honed for a very long time. We’ve used it as hunters and gatherers in the distant past and we’ll use it to get a head start on the week. To help with all of the planning, it’s a good idea to download a productivity app like Paras on your smartphone. A to-do list app will help you plan things out ahead of time and give you a good idea what your week will look like. On top of all of the planning, you should also include a budget for the household so you know how much you’re spending.

Plan out your budget

Planning out your budget is a good idea. You have to know how much money is coming in and out of your bank account each time. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Identity fraud – Cybercrimes and data breaches are all the rage today. According to Experian, there were 1579 data breaches in 2017, which is up by almost 50% since 2016. This means a lot of credit cards were stolen. To help prevent this, you should review your bank statements every month or so. Any expenses out of the ordinary no matter how small could mean that your card information has been stolen and you should get it replaced at once.
  • Have money in reserve – planning expenses can help you have a rainy day fund. You can cut out any unnecessary expenditures so you can have a bigger reserve because unplanned expenditures happen.

Not many plan their household budget. In fact, according to a survey done by Gallup, only 1 in 3 households. If you do plan your budget, you are definitely in the minority, but don’t let that discourage you because it’s always a good thing to know exactly how much you are spending. Knowing that you have a balanced set of books lets you sleep peacefully in the night.

Get your 8 hours of sleep

You should always get your 8 hours of sleep. Period. You’d probably think that sleeping is a waste of time, but really, it is not. Sleep helps you be more productive at work and lets you focus in the day. According to NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), sleep deprivation results in cognitive impairment and decreased motor skills equivalent to intoxication (being drunk). What this means that lack of sleep makes you so much less effective at work that you’d make mistakes on simple routine tasks (which won’t look good on you). If you’re still learning about your job in the workplace, then sleep is especially important. This is because while you are in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, your brain helps you condense what you have learned during the day.


Being prepared for the week, while getting adequate sleep gives you enough energy to work and play with the kids. Planning out your budget means that you can save for unplanned expenditures. It’s smart to be ready and have the energy for whatever life throws at you, whether it’s kids or that pesky quarterly meeting.

The zero waste movement aims to create a lifestyle that creates as little waste as possible. In the name of that, there are countless things you can do. It is possible to get overwhelmed because convenient good value habits are not always easy to replace.

The common sense advice is simply to stop buying plastic as much as your lifestyle and finance allow you to do so. Reuse as much as possible all the plastic you already have

The message about plastic is very loud and clear. Plastic use, especially singe use plastic is bad and there are vast plastic islands floating in the ocean.

In this article, I want to share 5 things you can do right now towards zero waste.

1. Stop using plastic cups 

Some coffee shops have already created marketing campaigns, based on the fact that in the UK alone there are 2 and a half billion cups thrown away each year. Only 1 in 400 if these cups are being recycled. That is because the paper has to be separated from the plastic coating and not all recycling centres have the machinery.

2.Switch to bamboo toothbrushes

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about why bamboo toothbrushes are a great replacement for your plastic ones. Some studies also suggest that by doing that you will also absorb less toxic material due to its material. When heated the plastic leaches in your mouth and over time adds up in your body. Bamboo toothbrushes can be bought from here.

3.Replace your plastic bags

This one is an easy one, too. Most supermarkets sell non-plastic shopping bags and they are normally inexpensive. The big issue about plastic bags remains when it comes to buying packaged foods as even most fruits and vegetables are also packaged in single-use non-recyclable bags. You can collect those bags and reuse them as much as possible.

4. Stop using plastic straws

The good news is that most food serving establishments have stopped giving straws in their drinks. Unless it is absolutely necessary straws are better avoided for the same reasons other plastic materials are. You can buy straws made from stainless steel or other eco-friendly material. There are times when straws are very useful but in most cases, using a straw is simply a habit that can be easily replaced or entirely removed.

5. Stop using cotton buds

Most of us have seen the images shared on Social Media with all the damage a single cotton bud can do by simply ending up in the ocean. Unfortunately, that is what happens with most of them. There are countless project and campaigns throughout the world focusing on keeping the beaches and the oceans’ plastic free. Here is an example of a Cotton Bud Campaign in Scotland. In the meantime, the next best thing is to purchase some biodegradable cotton bud from My Pure Core Amazon Store.

Speaking personally I am not ready yet to mix my own detergent or not set my foot inside a supermarket. It is my belief that everything that you do or buy has an effect on something or someone. It is the ripple effect that every action you take will make a difference in some way.

Start today.

Thank you for being here and reading this far.

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It’s been a week since I have been using a bamboo toothbrush. I can’t believe I didn’t make the switch earlier.

Not so long ago I read an article written by someone who lives in Costa Rica. In their article, they said that almost every time after a storm the beach that they go to gets covered with hundreds of toothbrushes. It is not a nice feeling to witness that for sure.

Did you know that all the plastic created in the world still exists? Personally, I feel this is something that we can all do something about, starting today.

I believe that the little things that you do daily make the difference.

Plastic Detox and Zero Waste Lifestyle are constantly gaining popularity. I am well aware that this whole thing is a privilege and we do have to take advantage of it. Choose less waste and less harm when you can.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use a bamboo toothbrush.

1. It’s easy and very accessible. There are 4.7 billion toothbrushes manufactured every year and the advice is to replace them every 3 or so months. Your toothbrush seems like an important item to switch as you are using it daily. Using a bamboo toothbrush seems like an easy swap as you can buy them from Amazon.

2. It’s biodegradable cruelty-free product which is also suitable for the whole family. Bamboo is one of the best multi-purpose sustainable materials that you can use. The handle feels so light and it’s perfectly curved for tiny hands, too. Nearly the whole product [excluding the brusels} is compostable-including the packaging that it comes in.

3. The bamboo material has antibacterial properties. This is one of the main reasons bamboo grows so fast in nature. It’s so nice to hold it in your hands and it feels as light as a feather. It’s perfectly shaped and it fits in my youngest son’s hand nicely. The multi-coloured bristles is also a winner.

4. Bamboo is a wonderful alternative to the plastic that we are so used to using.  Habit and convenience will win over new things that you might haven’t tried before. In this occasion replacing your toothbrush will prove you wrong. The bamboo material is amazing in mimicking the plastic one that we are used to using since no age. My only regret is that I didn’t do it earlier.

5. It’s BPA free non-toxic material which is a guarantee for a wonderful quality product. Anything that you can do to reduce and eliminate toxic chemicals in your lifestyle is a step in the right direction. It is good for your health and great for the environment.

We are all part of this amazing circle of life. The life of the toothbrush can simply be used as food for plants or poison for the oceans. You can make the change! Happy brushing!

For a cleaner planet and cleaner teeth I recommend you head over to My Pure Core Amazon Store