What is a Painting Knife and How to Use it?
A painting knife is a steel blade which is conventionally used for mingling and applying colors or applying paint on the canvas. Art knives are broadly classified into two categories which include Palette Knives which has blunt round end, appropriate for mixing colors and the other is the Painting knife with a pointed end which is appropriate for applying colors on the canvas. Palette knives over a period of time develop “sharp” edges as they are constantly used against coarse earth colors. The blade attached in the painting knife is available in various different sizes and shapes depending on the purpose. Few of the common shapes which are used widely by almost every artist are rectangle, diamond or a triangle. The most essential part of the knife is the bend which originates from the handle which is usually wooden. The bend in the knife is essential because it restrains the paint on the canvas from coming in contact with the hand which can also spoil the painting.

what is a painting knife and how to use it

Photo by Elgewen, CC BY-SA 3.0
1. Difference Between A Palette Knife And Painting Knife
People often get confused between the two knives as they are almost similar but the major difference between the two is precisely the usage of the knives. Palette knives are used for mixing colors on the palette as they have a pliable steel blade which is blunt in nature with a rounded end. Painting knives are also used as palette knives though they are completely different in terms of their use.
2. Why are Painting Knives Used?
The flexibility of Painting knives is precisely the reason they are widely used by various artists. Painting knives differ in shapes and are available in various sizes and are used in accordance with the required effect. For example, for angular marks small blades are used and to create a long mark in continuation a longer blade is more efficient. Brushes can at times be replaced by knives too and are the most definite tool for texturing the painting.
3. Different Kinds Of Paints That Can Be Used
The efficiency of painting knives is widely appreciated as they do not restrain any kind of paint including watercolors. A paint which is stable and can keep hold of itself and the strokes that are delivered by the knife will produce the best results. If you use acrylics you can make them more effective by blending some modeling paste as it can make the paint viscous which helps in retaining the required stroke.
4. Numerous Effects
The versatility of painting knife is marvelous. You can widespread the color on the canvas for a flat texture or you can make really narrow lines by using the blunt edges of the blade. The pointed tip of the knife can also be used to alter the pattern in the wet paint. Painting knives are highly used for making the still life paintings because of their efficiency and the various effects that can be produced.
5. How To Use A Painting Knife
To get paint on the knife drag the knife along the exterior of the paint. The flexible use of the wrist is also very important when you try to move your hand in accordance with the canvas. Applying the colors or the paint is quite easy and it is an emulation of putting butter on the bun. There are various styles and methods of using the painting knife to generate the desired effects in the painting which were discussed earlier.

Using a painting knife can be apparently a hectic thing to do but once you get a grip on it you can explore and experiment with your ideas and mould your imagination and illustrate them in your paintings. It is important to fiddle around with various colors and pants and techniques that aren’t conventional as it can give infinite dimensions and dynamics to your painting skills. The points discussed above will give you an equitable idea on how to start incorporating painting knives in you paintings.

Saving Your Dog – 4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

As the weather kicks up a notch, the natural tendency for most people is to get everyone out of the house, pets included. The truth is, spending more time outdoors can be an incredible source of exercise, fun and sunrays. However, it is important to be aware of heat exhaustion when it comes to your dog. This is because it can leave drastic and negative effects on them.
Fur is of great help during winter. Nevertheless, it can make it difficult to manage the summer’s heat. Normally, dogs dissipate heat through panting. They pant more quickly as they try to maintain a safe internal temperature.
To save your dog from a harsh summer, the following tips will come in handy:

Get the details
Dogs and pets in general are affected by excess heat in two main areas. One of these areas is the upper respiratory system. The other is the hyperthermia system. The latter occurs when the dog is trapped in an overwhelming environment, which undermines their ability to cool themselves.
Dogs with compromised upper airways have a hard time removing excess heat in their bodies. In an attempt to cool their bodies, dogs end up generating more heat through exertion. Because of this, your dog can fall victim to heat stroke.
To reduce chances of heat stroke occurring, be on the lookout for symptoms such as labored breathing, excessive panting, increased respiratory and heat rate, drooling and mild weakness.
Beat the sun
During summer, you will notice your dog preferring to lay on cool surfaces. This is an indication that he or she is feeling the heat intensity. During this season save your outdoor time with the dog for late evenings or early mornings. Take your dog for a walk before the sun gets really hot. At this time, the dog will have easy time breathing and the surface or ground will be cooler hence will not harm their paws. You can find more about dogs on Primp Play.


Find some shade
Is it midday and the sun is extremely hot? If you and your dog find yourself out when the sun is excessively hot, keep him or her out of direct sunlight. Give the dog a shady place to shield them from the harsh sun. Always remember that your dog never wears shoes. Consequently, the pads of the paws can easily get burnt while walking across particularly hot surfaces like asphalt or sand. If the weather outside is extremely warm, make sure you keep them indoors as much as you can.
Leave Fido and Fluffy at Home
One of the most classic mistakes most dog owners make is leaving their pets inside a closed car on very sunny, hot days. It is obvious that during summer, temperatures in the car are way above 140 degrees F. The high temperatures can cause serious problems to your dog. So what is the takeaway? If it is hot outside, refrain from leaving them inside the car. This will save them from panting and other issues.


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There is nothing natural about using a Mirena coil and having side effects is almost guaranteed. The biggest one is that you stop having a period and you could also experience other effects like acne, headaches and discomfort.

You have been fortunate enough to keep your Mirena and felt fine for the time it was in and now you want it out. I had a Mirena coil for just over 5 years and since I had it removed I had to get to know my body cycle again. It was a great relief to have it removed as it felt unnatural. The most unnatural part about Mirena coil is the hormone, that is used to prevent you from getting pregnant. 

The hormone used in Mirena is called Levonorgestrel and is often referred to as a ‘progestin’, which sounds a lot like the naturally occurring hormone progesterone right? WRONG. Levonorgestrel is a hormone disrupter and has the opposite effects as our own progesterone (which only makes sense really given that progesterone is often called the ‘pregnancy hormone’). Levonorgestrel is also the active ingredient in the Norplant birth control implant (which is no longer available in North America) and also at higher doses is the drug that makes up the Plan B or ‘morning-after’ pill(s). That means that you have a constant distribution to your natural hormonal balance and that can have long term effects on your overall well being as well. 

mirena detox program


The Mirena Detox program is a simple, step-by-step, 40-day program designed to rid a woman of all the symptoms and agonizing side effects caused by the Mirena and Paragard IUDs and help her fully restore her hormonal balance, and get her health and energy levels back.

Once your Mirena is removed it is possible for you to experience a hormonal crash.  The body is no longer getting that synthetic hormone progestin, and yet is still not producing enough of its own innate natural hormone progesterone. This can cause different side effects, including weight gain, heavy periods,acne, depression, slow digestion and you can deal with all of them naturally. 

Here is a list with 3 very simple things that you can do and gradually eliminate the side effects of removing your Mirena coil. 

1.Eat foods, that balance hormone imbalances . Chia seeds and flax seeds  contain omega 3 and 6, and phytoestrogens. They are very important for a normal hormone production in general. Include wheat grass in your diet. It will work to help cleanse the liver which is where all of your hormones are filtered. The high magnesium and chlorophyll content of wheat grass works to build enzymes that restore sex hormones.Include foods, that have Vitamin B6, which plays a vital role in  progesterone imbalance. Foods rich in Vitamin B6 are bananas, avocados, spinach. Another superfood, that would benefit your hormone balance is maca root powder. As well as contributing towards you vitality and sexual drive, maca will help you to balance your endocrine system. Also include some plant based protein. protein supports the detoxication of the liver . It is good to have some pure source of plant based protein at most meals for hormonal balance. Some good sources of whole food plant-based protein are hemp seeds,beans and lentils ,quinoa and avocado. The Mirena detox program will provide you with more detailed information on what foods to eat on a daily basis. 


mirena side effects detox

2.Get to know your body better and become aware of your monthly cycle. A woman that knows herself is more confident in her decision not just regarding her health, but also regarding all other areas of her life. Pay attention to when you are ovulation and become aware of how you feel. Remember do not suppress anything especially in the first few months after removing the coil as this the crucial time when your body is getting back to balance and normality. Some women benefit from writing a dairy and keeping record of how they feel. You can also use a smartphone app, which makes it twice as easy as most people carry their phone with them all the time. 


3.Get plenty of rest, drink a lot of water, stay active, and do things to reward yourself. Those are very simple and yet very effective actions, that will support you along the way. I do know that if you have a family, home, job and other commitments to look after sometimes taking plenty of rest is not as easy as it sounds. Nevertheless you can make it possible to suit your lifestyle and routine. Drinking water is essential, whether you are doing a detox or not, but to add an extra benefit to drinking water would be to eliminate sugary and fizzy drinks. You would be very likely to feel better because this would benefit your digestive system as well, which plays a major role in removing the toxins from your body. Looking after your gut would improve your immune system. Stay active and do things that you enjoy like walking, cycling or may be your thing is to go to classes, whatever it is do it. One final thing do remember to reward yourself. Nice retreat somewhere, a new dress, a new haircut or anything else, that makes you celebrate life is that extra reward, that we all enjoy.