The purpose of today’s task is share my morning rituals and what would be the 3 things, that can improve my business.
I am a morning person without any shadow of a doubt.How do I know this?

The morning is so full of pure potential, it’s almost incredibly addictive to want to get up with the sunlight, like I do. In the last few weeks I have been up away before it and loving all the colours of the sky. 
I get so much done in the morning and I feel much more efficient than any other time of the day. As I am writing this article is getting quite late and I feel my anticipation to complete it.

The 3 things that i do every morning almost without a fail are quite simple. I read my Kindle every morning for whatever time I can squeeze, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. In that way I feel productive before getting up. I also like to stretch for about 3 minutes. In the last month I have been walking 5 miles almost every day and stretching in the morning helps me to wake up. Then I will drink a glass of  water and start waking up to boys if it is a school day.morning rituals


Those 3 things reading, stretching, drinking water take no more than 10-15 minutes, but they do set me off to a brilliant day. 

And I could benefit form a  morning ritual to write some fresh content you may say. Well, this is not always the case as many of times I have sat and wrote in the morning just for the sake of writing and nothing came out good enough to click the publish button. As I am almost constantly looking at the clock in the morning I find it almost impossible to focus on writing. This last sentence sounded like an excuse, didn’t it? I do have the “paralysis of analysis syndrome”, but never the less I am getting better at taking action and being more creative, I hope :-) 

So How can I improve my morning rituals? 

1.I can outline an article or some other form of content, that I will complete later in the day

2.I can also decide to solve one problem that day. I used to think, that by avoiding my challenges and not thinking about them they will somehow vanish. I no longer think that and I would like to solve something small each day, depending on the day. 

3.I can also benefit from outlining an e-mail, that I will be sending to my followers and friends. I have been shying away from that and I want to get more conversations going so I can improve my services. 

Overall I want to simply be more creative and self-expressive, not just on Social Media but also here on my blog and in my e-mail communications. I will be adding more opportunities on my blog and will be organzing the content as well. 

Many thanks for being here and reading my blog post. 

I appreciate you and I love you. 



Snapping Hip – What is it?
Snapping hip is a condition where a snapping sensation is felt when the hip joint is in action when you are walking and running. This sensation may be have an associated popping noise and may also be accompanied by pain (this is not always the case).

There are two types of this problem:
On the outside of the hip. Its caused by fibres of two of the muscles that operate the hip sliding over the hip bone and producing a snapping noise. This normal action becomes a condition as the tendons thicken and so are more likely to catch against the bone. This type is usually painless, but the noise can cause some concern.
The second type is caused by a tendon of one of the muscles (iliopsoas) passing over the front of the hip joint. In this case the overuse can lead to the type of irritation that is more likely to cause pain. The pain is due to inflammation of the muscle tissue and/or the associated bursa (fluid sacs that are present around every joint).

snapping hip

Signs and Symptoms of ‘snapping’ hip
Common and frequent ‘Snapping’ or ‘Clicking’ sound when walking or running.
Pain at the front of the hip (typically after periods of exercise) thought to be caused by irritation of a fluid sac (bursa) in-between the tendons of the hip. The pain often decreases with rest and lower activity levels.
Assessment Information
If there is an audible popping sound on walking, the condition is suspected.
Clinical questioning can help to highlight the onset and history of the condition, along with common signs and symptoms.
Clinical assessment aimed at muscle lengths, and strength will highlight any muscle imbalances that may be causing the problem (very common).Also feeling how the hip joint moves (amount and quality) and comparing right to left may provide more information regarding the type of condition present.
Palpation (feeling) the hip during walking, the clinician may be able to feel the tendons catching. Bio mechanics analysis (during walking and running) may show technique issues that can be driving the problem.
General Treatment
Treatment will aim to correct any biomechanical abnormalities found. A comprehensive stretching programme is usually needed to address any muscle tightening, and a strength programme to help restore and muscular imbalances. Manual therapy will to help correct and muscle shortening or local pain.

Exercises to develop pelvic and core stability when walking and running, along with more biomechanical (looking at joint alignment and movement) treatments will help.
In more rare cases, injection therapy can be used to stop any inflammation of the bursae, but unless the above rehabilitation is adhered to, the problem may just keep coming back. In very rare cases, surgery may be considered as a last resort treatment.
For more information on how to identify and treat a snapping hip contact Putney Physio

Hello and welcome to this cosy Tuesday evening as I am sitting here writing to you.
I haven’t been blogging for quite some time.So many times I started to write and then something else came along or instead I drifted away to Pinterest or Facebook. It has been on the back of my mind how easy is to sit down and write a blog post…but then time went on and on……….

This Saturday a mum entrepreneur tagged me to join her community of women and the 14 day Challenge Maximize Your moments, where the basic idea is to get more done in your day while rediscovering time for yourself and having fun with your family. As soon as I read that I got drawn to it. 

So here I am sharing with you the first day of this challenge. I have to Imagine my Perfect Day. 

To be honest I always shy away from “perfect day” because I know, that in the bigger picture of life every day is perfect and as it should be. On the other hand I can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results and in Nature there is an response to every action and everything is accomplished. 

So briefly here is my perfect day. 

I get up naturally without an alarm clock from the sound of my boys talking-either in the kitchen or in their bedrooms-in their own “video games” slang which I almost class as a different language :-)

If it is a school day it’s around 7:30 and I will make them them freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast and we will get ready. Once the school run is over I will come home and check my e-mail where I will see 5 request for sponsored content on my blog, I will see 5 people who have opted in to receive my free recipe book and another 5 who have bough my published book about charging your life with Mother Nature’s Love. I will have a weekly webinar/hangout/life cooking class/live stream where I will share a recipe with my followers and readers. 

personal branding and blogging

I will be working 3-4 hours a day and will handle everything myself, unless I am on a holiday, but even then i want to be in touch with my readers and followers and help them eat better and feel amazing.

I am working from home from our home office and this is how it’s perfect for me. I will have one more dishwasher installed  and a cleaner coming round the house once a week.

After lunch I will book our next trip to Bulgaria, where we will stay for a few weeks visiting my parents. On the way we will stay for a few days in Holland and Germany. After few weeks in Bulgaria we will stay for a few weeks in Greece. The whole trip will take up the whole Summer Holiday off school while the boys are going to school. 

I don’t see taking time off my business for longer than a long weekend as I love sharing information about eating well. feeling well and being in service of others. 

While I am away I will handle as much as possible of my business apart from the weekly livestream/cooking class/video, which will stop. 

I will employ one person who will help me to deal with the running of my business and making sure all content is delivered. 

All of the work would be done by the late afternoon so when my boys are home we can do things together and go out. 


Thank you for reading my first entry to the 14 day Challenge Maximize Your moments,

Looking forward to tomorrow.