Health benefits of top five herbs and spices

Health benefits of top five herbs and spices
Herbs and spices are easily available in every kitchen. They are not only important ingredients for many recipes, but also, they are very useful for maintaining good health. However, they need to be carefully washed in best kitchen faucets and then dried before they are used. Following is a brief illustration of top five herbs and spices with their health benefits.


Turmeric, a well known spice in Indian kitchens belongs to the ginger family. It contains Curcumin, a compound which is very useful for eradicating cancer tissues. However, it is not a common spice in U.S kitchens but it is used as a medicine to improve joints and to reduce inflammation.

Curry powder

It is a very popular spice in Indian as well as Thai dishes however it is not so common in United States. It is a mixture of various other spices and herbs e.g. turmeric, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon etc. This is added to make the dishes spicier.


It belongs to the mint family and is a good source of Thymol (a good potent antioxidant). It is a very popular ingredient in French and Italian recipes. It is also used in treatment of wounds. The water boiled with Thyme is used in curing vaginal yeast infections. The Thyme tea is used for fast recovery during illness.

It is a great alternative for treating osteoarthritis naturally. It is a multifaceted herb and can be added to anything you cook. Along with its versatility, it is a herb which has antiviral as well as anti-inflammatory properties. This is also being used in making medicines for curing digestive disorders and also studies are under progress to check anti-cancer properties of the herb.


It is a very popular spice for making sweet as well as savory dishes. A good antioxidant which is able to reduce blood sugar and triglyceride levels in the blood. It is also used as a good resource to alleviate nausea.

There are many more herbs and spices that we use in our kitchens every day. Being produced from natural objects they have a direct impact on our health. Also, most of the herbs or spices do not require any consultation from your doctor. Therefore, if you are under a treatment for any disease you can try these homemade as well as natural alternatives.


Should you Detox? 21 day raw food detox

Fresh new day and a brand new month.Great opportunity to detox your body before the cold wind of autumn starts blowing and all we want to do is snuggle up and read or eat yummy baked goodies.

I am doing a 21 day Raw Food Detox, starting today and in this post I want to give you a few guide lines on how to detox safely and naturally.I am quite new to doing a 21 day raw food detox, as so far I have done only one last spring.

Your body is unique and by getting to know your body and listen to it you can gently and naturally choose to detox a way that suits you.
The main organs of elimination are

  • skin
  • lungs
  • kidneys
  • liver
  • colon

Some people take the time to cleanse the individually.In my opinion everything in your body connects to everything in your body.You can not possibly separate an organ and treat it without affecting the rest of the body.

If you are a beginner like me you can simply do a raw food detox, which is simple and natural.The best part of it is that there is no restriction on how much vegetables you can eat, or how many cups of herbal tea you can drink.It is an abundant way to reset your body and feel even better.




raw food detoxHow do you know that you might benefit from a detox?Here are a few reasons you might want to do one.

  • excess weight, especially around your middle
  • digestive problems
  • unexplained fatigue
  • food cravings that are hard to ignore
  • dry skin
  • dull, brittle hair
  • white coated tongue
  • weird rashes
  • mood swings
  • irritability
  • difficulty concentrating
  • allergies
  • poor memory
  • bad breath
  • a general sense of feeling unhealthy

All these are simply symptoms, that your immune system needs a boost and the best way to do it is to remove anything that prevent it from working properly.

There many ways to detox but I truly love and recommend a raw food detox with lots of water, herbal teas, lots of rest and sleep and a bit of sweat.

Start your day with a smoothie -a simple and tasty one would be a mix of    kale., apple, banana, parsley,  and 2 1/4 cups water in a blender; blend until smooth and enjoy. You can replace the kale with celery or spinach.Also add an avocado one day and another day add some milled flax seeds. The choices are endless and your main goal here is to eat fresh vegetables , drink nice smoothies and enjoy herbal teas. 

raw vegan detox

easy raw pesto -spinach, kale, pine nuts, lemon juice and and fresh basil

Enjoy a big salad for lunch with a nice dressing.Use lemon juice, lime juice fresh herbs and cold pressed oils to make a nice dressing.Chop leafy greens, a bit of pepper, some cucumber and celery and enjoy.The nutrients in this simple combination are amazing and you feel truly energized after eating it.  


Your dinner can be another bowl of salad or a smoothie if you prefer.I recommend you choosing fiber rich vegetables like cabbage-white, purple, green add some carrots and an aple , a bit of  fennel and season with lemon juice and parsley.Serve that with a raw tomato salsa made from avocado, tomato and 1/2 cucumber-you can season it with pinch of cayenne pepper and cumin.Enjoy! 

You snacks during the day can be any fruit that you love, a handful of nuts or a dried berries.When you are buying dried fruits please make sure, that there is no added sugar or any other ingredients as this simply defeats the purpose of your detox.

You will be giving your digestion a break  from fried and baked foods, from sugar and caffeine.You might experience different detox symptoms like feeling cold, irritable, skin rash, possibly cold and flu symptoms as well , but all that is normal and expected as your elimination organs are  working on removing the toxins from your body in every possible way.  

Click here to see the list with all the foods you can eat on a raw food detox.

So if you feel up to it I invite you to join me in my 21 day yaw food detox-Boost your immune system and feel amazing.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the box below or connect with me on Facebook. 

Lots of Love, 





Fair Dinkum Seeds Has Every Plant You Need

Fair Dinkum Seeds is a company who sells home grown, organic seeds of every plant you could need. Our love of gardening is what sparked their interest in starting the company. We are a couple who resides in Queensland, Australia, and we are working on their own personal garden and harvesting seeds every day of the year.

Our company, Fair Dinkum Seeds, has everything from flowers, herbs, vegetables, and everything in between. We wanted to start a business that sells organic and non-modified seeds to the public. When you purchase seeds from a store you never really know what you are getting. They use pesticides and genetically modify seeds, so think about the quality you are receiving when you purchase seeds from a local store. You can be sure that all seeds from Fair Dinkum Seeds are 100% home grown and no chemicals or pesticides are used.

We do all of the hard work themselves and by hand too. We do not use any machinery for sorting or anything else for that matter. We are truly a hard working couple who does what they love to do. We dig all holes by hand, and every plant is hand watered, pruned, picked, harvested, sun-dried, winnowed, sorted, packed up and shipped all by us. We do not sell old seeds and if there are any seeds that don’t sell within 12 months’ time, we just don’t sell them. We give them to friends, use them for compost, or feed them to the birds.

Some amazing Red Eggplants

amazing Red Eggplants-Click Here to learn more about them and order seeds

Here is a list of all the different categories that we offer on our website:
Aquatic, Swamp, and Moisture lovers
Beans, Peas, and other Legumes
Brassica lettuce and Asian greens
Chili Garlic and other Hotness
Edible roots and other Tuberous Vegetables
Ethno botanical or Medicinal plants
Flowers and Ornamentals
Herbs, Insecticides, and Herbal Extractions
Native Feral and Bush tucker Species
Tomato, Eggplant, and other Cool Solanum
The Mrs. Cool Cards and Crafts
Trees, Shrubs and Large Perennials
Vines and Climbers of every sort
As you can see we have a long list or every plant imaginable and better yet everything you will ever want.
We use blends of different herbs alongside companion planting to control insects, large companies use harsh chemical pesticides. We make our own fertilizer and it is a combination of grasses, legumes, unwanted seeds, mulch, compost, and our own free range chooks and guinea pig manure. As you can see we use only natural things for every step in the growing process. We also grow everything on a 3-6 month rotation all through the year.
Another thing we do differently is plant them during whatever time of the year we want too. Some plants like hot weather and some like cold, but we plant them no matter what they like. We of course have had plenty of losses, but this makes the plants tougher in the long run. So by the time the seeds are ready for selling you can bet they will be tough and should be hard to kill. We know of nobody else that sells seeds and does this method, so we consider our company very unique.
If you are looking for something in particular and you don’t see it in the store, this does not mean we don’t grow it. We may just not have any ready at the moment, but if you would like to request something feel free to contact us and we will try to help you out.
So now that you know the ins and outs of how we work, I am sure you are ready to buy some seeds. You can find us here-
Happy Planting——————————————–

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Alkalvision, Alkalize Your Body by Vadim Guchinskiy

Alkalvision, Alkalize Your Body

Most of us are aware of the potential dangers of what we eat. Through our diets we absorb chemicals that which designed to preserve foods actually can damage our insides. Alkalizing is a process of increasing the PH balance of extracellular and intracellular fluids in your body. The benefits of alkalizing helps your body work in the healthiest way possible. For a more in depth look at the ‘science’ behind alkalizing check out this link.

Vadim Guchinskiy

Click here to read more about Vadim Guchinskiy

One of the major complaints of people throughout the world has to be acid. Acid builds up in the body to the point where people develop some serious acidity issues. Alkalvision stands behind it’s product Plasma PH drops which are designed to eliminate the acidity in the body through alkalizing. High acidity or ‘Acidosis’ occurs when there is too much acidity in the body fluids. Plasma PH drops are the solution to removing the acid and helping your body achieve maximum results. Check out this link to see some common complaints of sufferers of over acidity in the body. If you experience any or all of these symptoms, then this product is for you!

Alkavision Plasma PH drops are without a doubt the best you can find, anywhere! Sure, there are knockoffs all over but none can compare to the quality of this Alkavision product. So, if you’re experiencing discomfort such as stomach acid, stomach ulcers or consistent heartburn you really need to give Alkalvisions Plasma PH drops a try. If you can find a company that puts out a better Plasma PH drop anywhere, Alkavision will send you a month supply free of charge. This is a company that stands behind a quality product!


Additionally, Alkalvision also puts out great food supplement designed to replace nutrients that you may not be getting from your regular diet. This supplement is loaded with vitamins and supplements that your body needs to stay healthy and keep moving forward on a regular basis. The benefits of Alkalvisions Greensfield Greens are threefold. Not only does this product supply the nutrients your missing but it can also help with maladies like depression, fatigue and more. This ‘green’ product replaces the greens all of us need to live healthy lives. Check out Alkalvisions Greenshield Greens here!

Alkalvision, Alkalize Your Body


Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe?

Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe?

When seeking the right treatment for any health problem ensuring it is performed safely is the main priority for any individual. Chiropractic treatment uses a wide range of methods to resolve problems with the joints, muscles and bones and can be used to manage, prevent and treat a number of acute and chronic conditions.
Chiropractic treatment, which can be used to ease lower back pain, neck pain, asthma, colic and irritable bowel syndrome, does however focus on a rather vital part of the body, the spine, which can raise various safety issues.
Putting safety first
As with any treatment,   chiropractic techniques do come with some small risks, however, many studies have been undertaken to prove that the use of spinal manipulation and other methods is safe. Chiropractors put safety first to reduce the side effects and complications that are associated with chiropractic treatment.

 Chiropractic Treatment Chiropractors Kingston upon Thames

To make an appointment please call on 020 8546 6464

The use of controlled manoeuvres means these side effects are extremely rare and by visiting a qualified chiropractor you can harness optimum satisfaction and the very best treatment available. In fact, a recent study showed that patients are more likely to experience side effects and complications as a result of painkiller use rather than paying a visit to their chiropractor. Visit the  BCA for more information
Does chiropractic treatment work?
As well as been extremely safe, chiropractic treatment has been proven to provide excellent results for patients, particularly those suffering from lower back and neck pain. The use of spinal manipulation can provide relief for even prolonged and pronounced pain, which conventional treatments like painkillers don’t sustain.
Like osteopathy, chiropractic treatment is a complementary and alternative medicine, and whilst this is very different from conventional medicine, its use as an effective treatment option for lower back pain is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).
Do I need chiropractic treatment?
Chiropractors can be called upon to relieve the symptoms and provide treatment for a variety of conditions affecting your body’s bones, joints and muscles. Lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia and hip problems are all conditions that can be eased by visiting a chiropractor. Some chiropractors also provide treatment for problems that aren’t related to bones, muscles and joints, and relief can be sought for asthma, allergies, period pain, infant colic and high blood pressure.
Seeking help from a professional chiropractor offers relief for a number of chronic and acute problems, providing safe and effective treatment free from medication or surgery.
A special thanks goes to the chiropractic team and for providing some of the content.

Smoked Vegan Cheese Recipe

Smoked Vegan Cheese Recipe
These days, I’ve become extremely fond of nut based and vegan cheeses because not only are they quite easy to make but the added benefit is that I get gluten free food to eat. While normal cultured cheeses will easily take a day or two to ferment, my vegan cheese recipe will have you licking your fingers in under an hour.

small elecrtic smoker

Serving suggestions-smoked “cheese” makes a nice pizza topping.Enjoy!

The main reason for the lesser time is because we’re not waiting for the cheese to become cultured as it already has some nutritional yeast in it that imparts a cheddar flavor on the whole. You’ll need to add an ingredient called agar to make your vegan cheese a little firm as addition of agar will act as a gelling agent.

Agar is one of the most important ingredients that you’ll need for this recipe because it acts like a thickening agent in the overall process. You don’t need to refrigerate food that has agar in it so basically the addition of this stabilizing agent changes liquid food to a jelly like substance.

Now you don’t need to stick to this recipe very closely and can easily make your own alterations. As an example, you’ll notice that I personally use both almonds and cashews whereas you can add simply one of those or any other nut that you prefer. I also use liquid smoke in this recipe to give it the smoky flavor while you could omit this step and simply use a digital smoker to get the same flavor.

However, please remember that you can’t substitute the agar else this recipe will not come out properly. So quickly, let’s move on to the ingredients that are needed for making this lovely vegan smoked cheese.


  • Half a cup of soaked raw cashews
  • Half a cup of soaked raw almonds
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Half a cup of tap water
  • One tablespoon of mustard
  • One tablespoon of agave nectar
  • Half a tablespoon of liquid smoke
  • Quarter cup of yeast
  • Salt as per your taste
  • 1 tablespoon of smoked paprika
  • Sprinkle of garlic powder
  • Little bit of dried onion
  • 2 tablespoons of agar


  • You’ll need to fist soak the almonds and cashews (preferably for a couple of hours) and then blend them using a blender.
  • Then add the water, lemon juice, liquid smoke, agave nectar, yeast, salt, paprika and garlic powder and blend again till you see a thick creamy mixture. If you prefer, you can use a small electric smoker also to add to the flavor.
  • Make sure your mixture is not gritty. If you feel some grittiness by rubbing it between your finger and thumb that means you need to blend for some more time.
  • Once you have your cheese mixture all set, take a small sauce pan and boil one cup of water in it and then add the agar. Make sure you keep stirring till the agar dissolves completely.
  • Again start your blender and slowly add the agar gel that you’ve just prepared. This is the most important step so you’ll need to be focused and ensure that both the mixtures combine well together.
  • Now take this final mixture and pour into a mold and then place it in a freezer for 30-45 minutes.
  • Your vegan cheese is now ready to be eaten sliced or shredded!
  • Pour into mold and then place in the fridge, uncovered, for at least 30 minutes.
  •  Eat sliced or shred!

From my experience, I’ve noticed that the vegan cheese remains good to eat for the next 5 days 

Save money when you shop online-money saving coupons and much more

Save money when you shop online-money saving coupons and much more

Whether you are booking your holiday, doing your weekly grocery shopping or researching the best dishwasher to buy you like to shop smart and get a good deal.Saving money coupons and other offers are what makes your shopping experience very pleasant and you feel good shopping online.
You can go to a website, that specialize in promoting money saving coupons and use them straight away.

Did you know, that in Britain alone 78billion pounds are spent online alone each year.This is approximately 1000 for every person in the UK.(Source IMRG – online retail industry association).

Here are 3 simple tips to save you money when you shop online:

1.Shop around .Before you make a purchase and spend your money spend some time looking for the best deal and always keep in mind, that you have more rights when you make the purchase online.So it might be a good idea to do some offline research, but buy the product online.
According to the consumer contracts regulations, you have 14 day legal right to return goods without any fault for a full refund.(in some cases that might include the delivery costs, in other you would need to pay to send the goods back.)

2.Sing up for the retailer’s latest offers.Most big companies have a regular ad and discount campaigns to keep their customers happy.If you like online shopping at certain stores it is a good idea to receive their latest offers directly in your mail.Keep in mind, that some of these offers are created simply to get you into the store and they are designed for a wide range of customers.That is why you can also benefit from joining a money saving coupon website and receive their offers as well. 

3.Check out coupon sites and sing up to receive their latest offers.There are online money saving coupon website, that specialize in delivering offers to their customers.They have a long list of stores from small businesses to well known global companies.Are you looking to book a plane ticket, holiday or you are doing your weekly grocery shopping at you will get all that and much more. 

Shopping online is simply how most people shop now and the numbers are continuously growing.From the comfort from your sofa you can get the latest offers and save money along the way.

 Save money when you shop online-money saving coupons and much more.Click here and visit for the latest offers.

Choose Younique Mascara by Kristen Youmans

younique mascara by Kristen YoumansWomen have long been enhancing or attempting to enhance their eyelashes for years.

Many have turned to mascara, and still others have ended up resorting to wearing false eyelashes. Although false eyelashes, otherwise known as falsies, can work to make a woman’s eyelashes more appealing, like many beauty products, they come with a price in more ways than one. Due to the chemical makeup in them, eyelash extensions can cause irritation of your eyes, eyelash loss, and even contribute to infections within the eyes.




younique mascara

Feel Beautiful, Look Beautiful, Be Beautiful,Inside and Out!

Some reactions are due to the woman herself rubbing her eyes, but the chemicals contained in the glue that adhere the individual lashes to a woman’s natural ones are to blame for the majority of negative reactions. The glue can contain formaldehyde among other chemicals. Formaldehyde is found in different beauty products but could be particularly volatile near the eyes or other sensitive membranes. Experts are trending towards advising women to use cosmetic enhancements with less potential side effects, such as mascara.


Many types of mascara contain unnecessary and harmful ingredients as well and it is wise to seek out a more natural alternative before deciding to apply anything cosmetic around or near your eyes.

All-natural or naturally-based products like Younique 3D Fiber Lashes may cause less irritation due to the naturally-based ingredients and the mascara could be a wise choice when looking for an alternative to falsies.

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Drug and alcohol addiction- facts you should know

Drug and alcohol addiction is never an easy subject as sometimes the people who need it the most ignore the facts.drug addiction hotline

Nevertheless help is always available and sometimes all it takes is taking that first step on calling an alcohol or drug hotline and talking to someone who will understand and help you to stop your addiction.

 CALL the Addiction Hotline (855) YES-REHAB

The big picture is, that everyone gets affected-teens,parents,husbands, wives, fiends and family.There is help available for anyone affected.

There are countless reasons why people turn to alcohol or drugs.It is  socially accepted,promoted and encouraged as a form of relaxation,recreation and fun.But the big issue with most drugs and alcohol  is that they are highly addictive and before you know it you or someone you know have become dependant on them.

Always keep in mind, that not everyone who is using alcohol or drugs is addicted to it.It becomes a problem when the person is willing to put at risk other parts of their life.Those are the times when relationships, jobs and health issues arise.It is hard to watch people in this kind of situation.


The time when you need to look for help is when using alcohol or drugs has become a way for you, or someone you know to cope with everyday life.Here are 5 facts, that you need to know.

1.Alcohol and drug abuse impact over 50% of all  suicides and violent crimes

2.Alcohol and drug addiction problems can be solved.Help is available and you can receive treatment at any time CALL the Addiction Hotline (855) YES-REHAB



3.Many, who have become addicted to alcohol or drugs want to stop, but they find it almost impossible to do it on their own.taking the first step towards getting clean takes courage and you can contact the alcohol and drug hotline anytime 

4.Alcohol and drugs are highly toxic and long term use and chronic abuse may cause many health problems, including heart disease, increased risk of some cancers,psychiatric and social problems, liver diseases.It is advisable to prevent these as early as possible and give your body a chance to recover.

Addiction Hotline

What is the Next Step?

If you or a loved one has decided to become clean and sober you can contact the drug and addiction hotline right NOW.There are many treatment options available and you or your loved one can get care of.It is vital to make that first step, because this journey could potentially save a life and affect many others in the process.


Overcoming addiction is not just a matter of a willpower and self discipline.there is a lot more going into it. Your body and your brain would need a professional support nad treatment and the recovery process sometimes may involve setbacks.

Different kind of drugs and alcohol effects vary from person to person. The symptoms of addiction are very similar.Beware of the warning sings-you start your day with an alcohol or a drug, you neglect your relationships, you have no interest in your job or business, you are aware of the health complications, but continue to use them.

 CALL the Addiction Hotline (855) YES-REHAB

When is the best time to Detox?

Most people associate doing a detox as a result of binge eating , drinking or as a tool to lose weight. In my opinion having a detox is a gift to your body, that you can give yourself. After doing a spring raw food detox last year, this year  I am gearing up to do a raw food detox before the Autumn.

The aim of any detox is clear your gut, liver, skin and purify your blood.Doing a detox before the colder weather starts, with the help of all the harvest produce, will also

  • boost your immune system
  • give you even more energy 
  • help you adapt easier to the darker evenings and colder weather

    raw vegan detox

    Energy sweet boost-mango,banana smoothie with turmeric,coconut butter, macaroot and cinnamon.Sweet, rich and lovely.

Why should you consider doing a detox? 

Not so long ago Natural medicine was all there was and every family had their own secrets on how to cure anything from a sore throat to insomnia.Nowadays a lot of people rely on strangers to know what is wrong with their body.The truth is , that anything that is manifested in your body is connected to anything that is you-your body is connected to your mind and soul.True healing is holistic healing and starts with you knowing yourself and loving yourself.

No body knows your body better than you and nobody knows how you feel apart from you.Doing a detox is empowering and it is also a gift, that you give your body.

So here is how doing a detox can help you.

1.Remove toxins from your body -this is by far number one reason.In every area of our lives there are toxic elements.On a daily basis we consume pesticides, herbicides, chlorinated and fluoridated water, meals pumped with hormones and antibiotics, and other synthetic substances disguises as food.It is in the water, in the air in the food we eat .It is virtually everwhere.Unless you choose to live in a very natural house, away from electricity and very little if any air pollution the only solution you have is to detox your body regularly and boost its immune system to protect it. 

2.Boost Your Immune System-an optimal immune system is a serious protection to almost any stress that your body gets exposed to.As well as the normal changes, that happen every day your body is exposed to different foods, weather changes, emotions , sleep patterns ,the list goes on.The stronger the immune system is , the easier for your body to adapt and the better you will feel no matter what is going on.When you feel well you also tend to deal well with emotional challenges.

3.Mental and emotional clarity and physical energy-all the systems in your body are designed to work together in a perfect balance and removing the toxins from your body will that balance to it’s optimal state or at least closer to it.The main thing is to truly listen to your body and be gentle and kind to yourself.Remember, that like anything it will take a bit of effort to get going and self discipline. Your body is yours for the rest of your life and by doing a detox you will help every cell to regenerate and buzz with energy.


This time as well as all the foods, that you can eat on the raw vegan detox I will be using a green clay, which I am hoping will boost the benefits of detoxing. Fine clay has the ability to collect toxins and contains an abundance of minerals including  magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, silicon, selenium, iron, copper, and cobalt

“Clay contains the minerals and energy that the defense mechanism needs; it improves bowel function and detoxifies the body of pollutants.” – John Tilden, M.D

The only way to see the true benefits of something is to try it and experience it, so I am looking forward to that, too. 


In the meantime take a look at the list of foods, that you can eat on a raw food detox and feel free to ask me any questions.