How to Prepare Your Apartment for Moving

House move is undoubtedly challenging and stressful. However, most people have a dread not of the move itself, but of the process that precedes it This daunting process is – packing. Packing for one-week vacation is a real challenge for many people, but packing for a house move seems to be a nightmare for anyone.

People make a horrible mistake trying to delay packing and do everything in the very last moment. To avoid the rush, start packing well in advance. These simple recommendations will help you pack your stuff quickly and effortlessly.

So, let’s get started!

Gather Packing Supplies

To pack all your belongings you’ll need strong moving boxes or cartons of different sizes. Finding such boxes is not difficult, you can buy them in specialized stores or visit local grocery or book stores and get necessary boxes absolutely for free. When choosing boxes, make sure they are strong. Apart from boxes or cartons you will need:

 wrapping supplies (sheets, old clothes, newspapers, bubble wraps, etc.)
 marking pens and labeling stickers
 padding supplies
 packing tape
 scissors

Assess Your Belongings and Identify Unwanted Stuff

Moving is an excellent occasion to get rid of unwanted junk. The fewer things you have, the faster you will pack them. There are lots of good ways to get rid of things you have not used for ages, but do not want just throw away. The best way is to donate such items.

The faster you move, the faster you can have pizza.

Pack One Room at a Time

Do not try to pack everything in a day. Packing one room at at time is much easier and not so bothersome. Start with packing items that are used least often and then proceed to things that are used frequently. Items that you use everyday pack at the very end. Some items can be packed even on the move day.

Label Boxes

To make life easier when unpacking, it is recommended to label the boxes. Also write a list things contained in each box. Doing this will be easier if you pack similar things together.

Pack Properly

Some items should be wrapped before placed into a box. To wrap things you can use old clothes, sheets, towels, paper and bubble wrap. Each fragile item should be packed with an extra care, so that it didn’t get damaged. Also, do not pack fragile items with items that can damage them.

Put heavy items on the bottom and lighter on the top of the box. Do not leave boxes half full. At the same, time do not pack a box until it gets too heavy, so make sure you can effortlessly lift it.

Do not forget to take care of your flowers, if you have any. Flowers require wrapping or boxes with holes, so that your plants could breathe during transportation.

moving house


It goes without saying, that furniture is ready for transportation only when it is empty. So, check all drawers and make sure nothing is left there. Of course, to avoid damages it is optative to wrap furniture with a sturdy cloth.

Moving Services

To transport your stuff to a new apartment you can rent a truck or hire professional movers, who can help not only with transportation, but with packing as well. SFmoving company in San Francisco has professional movers is always ready to lend a helping hand. This moving company has experienced and professional employees, who know how to make a home move quick and effortless. You will appreciate their high level of services and affordable prices. 

I am a master procrastinator and this title almost gives me the shivers :-)

I am sure you all know the famous book “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy. As you can imagine this is simply an expression on how to deal with your task and get things done.We are all given the same hours in a day, but some how some people seem to have it all better organized and better together. 

In my opinion it is a combination of prioritizing, being smart and taking action daily. I do believe that “you will never really get it done” and this is what life’s mystery is about. eat that frog


In today’s challenge the task is to get done the one thing, that you have been putting of for some time, procrastinating and simply not getting done.

The point is to do it before you do anything else. No matter what kind of business you have there are parts in it, that you might avoid doing. Regardless of how many books you have read and how many lists you have written the real progress happens when you take action. (Here I should truly take my own advice :-)

My “frog” is, that I haven’t done a video since May and I am feeling very uncomfortable even thinking about it. I love doing videos as they are real and create a real connection with you and my intention is to do a video by the end of this weekend.

So I am looking forward to making a video and sharing it with you. 

Thank you once again for being here. 
I am very excited to take part in this Maximize Your Moments Challenge by the amazing mum-entrepreneur Amanda.

I appreciate you and I love you. 



I love writing lists. Mind maps truly confuse me, but when it comes to lists I am the master of writing lists. I have a list for almost anything around the house and another few lists unwritten in my head. Not a great way to be productive at all. I find myself spending more time writing lists, instead of getting down to business. I guess even writing the list sometimes and outlining what to do gives me a false sense of purpose. I write the money making activity list and then I just go out of the office and start cooking or sorting out the house.

back to blogging

Not a great idea if you want to get things done

So today’s task is something I don’t like,  I almost ever dread to think about.

I love being comfortable and not taking much action, not just from fear of rejection, but also by simply being lazy.
The task today is to Focus only on 5 money making activities, that will improve your business and keep it near your working space, so every day you get at least one of them done and this will increase your productivity.

I believe, that real motivation comes from giving service to others and getting paid for it. When you contribute you feel you are helping others and that is where the real fun is. Getting paid for it is how you feed your motivation, improve yourself and deliver better value.

To me personally the best value is delivered with purpose to help one another regardless in what niche you work We are all humans here, as they say walking each other home.
So I have to decide on a very short list of 5 money making activities in some form.
So here is my very short list, which i will print and set on my desk as a reminder of how productive I can be even if I have only one hour in the office.

1.Answer all my e-mails regarding publishing sponsored content on my blog as soon as they arrive.

2.Complete another stage of organizing the recipes in this blog

3.Write an e-mail to my list with friends and followers

4.Complete and update any of the traffic and creditability generating platforms including Goodreads, Yummly, KitchenDaily…..

5.Write a blog post where I provide value in terms of blogging inspiration or healthy living.

All that seems simple enough. I often ask myself what is the reason I am constantly thinking  of doing something and not getting it done.

I know I am great at procrastinating and wanting to put off things, I like to escape being responsible or kept accountable because failing does not feel good. I like to get attention for trying and sometimes even feel sorry for. But this is how to remain stuck. It is so easy to be stuck in a sugary coated excuses, that I constantly make. 


Thank you once again for being here and reading my blog! 

I appreciate and I love you!