Vegan Nutrition

The Astonishing Affordability of Living a Vegan Lifestyle

When wanting to make drastic lifestyle changes such as becoming vegan, one of the first questions asked is, “but is it affordable”?  There is a great misconception that being vegan, especially in a family context, is extremely expensive when the exact opposite is true. It isn’t cheap living in Ireland according to The Irish Times, making it a necessity to …

Mind-Body Connection

Aegea-Quantum Resonance Technology

Your body relies on energy, a life-sustaining flow which allows it to function properly. It is only because of the existence of this energy in our body that we can move, breathe, think, feel. and the overall condition of our health and well-being. The body’s life-force energy becomes dysfunctional, various imbalances will result. Any disruption of energy through the Meridian …

Vegan Quotes

Popular Vegan Quote

“It shouldn’t be the consumer’s responsibility to figure out what’s cruel and what’s kind, what’s environmentally destructive and what’s sustainable. Cruel and destructive food products should be illegal. We don’t need the option of buying children’s toys made with lead paint, or aerosols with chlorofluorocarbons, or medicines with unlabeled side effects. And we don’t need the option of buying factory-farmed …

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How to relax

Good Night & Sleep Tight

We all know how important sleep is, but too few of us get the high-quality sleep we need. Children live busy, energetic lives, regardless of their age. Their rapidly growing minds and bodies require a sufficient dose of sleep in order to develop and function properly.   The benefits of good sleep are endless. Unfortunately, studies have indicated that 7 …